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How to Start a Podcast (A Successful One)

October 11, 2020

There's millions and millions of people that listen and love podcasts who didn't in 2012. - John Lee Dumas

In today's episode, I interview Krista Xiomara, creator of the successful podcast, I’m Awake! Now What? She is sharing her beginner’s tips and growth tips to help you receive your dreams of hosting and owning your own successful podcast show. Yes!

Key Topics of Discussion:

  • What to do when you realize you want to start a successful podcast
  • The tools you can use that are inexpensive and FREE for your podcast’s editing and producing magic
  • How to get reputable guests to come onto your podcast show (think Mike Dooley)
  • Your spiritual journey through the process of starting and growing your podcast (the ups and downs and everything in between of how to get over your fears)
  • Bonus! Her best Law of Attraction tips that she uses for herself every day

For more information, please go to:

I’m Awake! Now What? 

Instagram: ianwpodcast


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This podcast interview was recorded using Zoom.

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